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Happy Anguilla Day

Liberty CCU takes this opportunity to wish you a happy Anguilla day. As we move towards to the future, it is essential that we take the time to remember those who paved the way for Liberty to be a 100% Anguillian entity, serving those living in Anguilla and Anguillians abroad.

Liberty Anguilla Day Boats

How to fold your own Liberty Anguilla Day Boat

In Anguilla, sailing is not simply a sport or a pass-time. It is a way of life that encapsulates the moments gone and the future that lies ahead simultaneously. The Anguillian boat is as metaphoric as it is literal in it's progressive nature. It signifies the forward advancement of the Anguillian people in the face of circumstances of enormous proportion. This is the spirit that Liberty wishes to commemorate and embody.

Below are video instructions on how to make your own Liberty Anguilla Day Boat.

Anguilla Day Message

L Vanessa Connor

Managing Director

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