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Keep Pressing On

“Out of adversity comes opportunity” - Benjamin Franklin

The past two (2) years have been undoubtedly filled with much adversity and in the midst of this; we have seen a sense of hope and optimism among our members that caused them to dig deeper and reach higher; demonstrating the resilience of the revolutionary spirit --- that of a people proud, strong and free!

Despite the hardships, struggles and losses endured; we are like the seedling tree that has been fighting its way up through stones and hard soil to get to sunlight and air. We have wrestled with the storms and the long drought to survive, but we have emerged in 2022 with that flicker of hope still burning and a root system that has now been made strong to endure.

Some say that it is impossible to succeed without going through adversity. Some say that if there is a story of success without the hard experiences of life, that someone else has experienced it for you. If that is the measure, based on the events of the past two years, we can all be assured that we have indeed positioned ourselves to be on the right side of history and we can choose to make up our mind that we can be successful if we just keep pressing on. A word of wisdom here is that the true test of one’s character is preserving despite the challenge! And as Winston Churchill said, to Never Give Up!

Doctor G. Campbell Morgan told the story of a man whose shop was burned down in the great Chicago fire. The next morning the man arrived at the ruins of his store carrying a table. He proceeded to set it up in the middle of the charred debris, and then he put up a large sign which read, "Everything lost except wife, children, and HOPE. Business will resume as usual tomorrow morning!" We need that same spirit! The revolutionary spirit --- that of a people proud, strong and free!

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