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Liberty Turns Four!

We are truly excited to be celebrating four years of operations at Liberty Co-operative Credit Union. For the past four years, we have been dedicated to providing our community with the best financial services. We have delivered products and solutions to Anguilla, fostering technical advancement in the financial arena, as well as exemplary service and this is with thanks to you, Our Valued Members.

As we continue to grow and expand our connections locally, regionally, and internationally we continue to be driven by the credit union mantra, “People helping People.” We want you to know that as the years go by, our commitment to the people of Anguilla grows equally stronger.

This milestone is a testament to how persons coming together to create a culture of equality, fosters better services and opportunities for all stakeholders. That is why at Liberty, we deeply value our members and acknowledge that each person’s worth and financial potential is not limited to where they are now. We are therefore pleased to provide unwavering service to each and every one of our members.

Thank you for another year and for your continued support going forward.

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