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Rules for Raffle

  1. Must have full membership at Liberty Co-operative Credit Union

  2. Must refer 2 persons who become full members for first entry

  3. Additional referrals are an entry each.

  4. The raffle winner will be selected Friday, December 17th 2021

  5. Additionally, the top 3 referrers will be awarded.

  6. Prizes can be stacked (for example the 2nd place top referrer may also be the raffle winner)

  7. Winners will be contacted by email. Failure to respond to the email 10 business days after the announcement may result in a reroll.

  8. Prizes are not cash refundable.


Raffle- Gift Basket + $100 Amazon Gift Card + 10 shares?

Top 3 Referrers-  

1st- Girt Basket + $100 Gift Box Gift Card + 10 shares

                2nd- Smaller Gift Basket + 5 shares

                3rd- Apple Cider + 2 shares

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