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Calendar of Events

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Youth Day – Join us as we celebrate our youth. We will be giving cake and candies to any junior members who visit.
Both existing and new junior members signing up or making additional share deposits will qualify the holder for a chance to win prizes including the annual LCCU Book Scholarship (2020/21 school year) or a 
Kindle Fire.


Liberty Member Forum - The Importance of Savings, Investments & Self-Insurance by Managing Director. Tune in via Facebook & Instagram.


Anniversary Service – Join us for a thanksgiving service at

KGGOM Ministries in

The Valley.


Anniversary Celebration – Light refreshments for all visiting members.


Anniversary Speech – The Chairman will share Liberty's message to our Valued existing and prospective members for 2020. Tune in via Radio (KlassFM 92.9).


Liberty USD Chequing Accounts Launch – We know that the american dollars in your pocket needs a safe home too so we can't wait to add USD chequing accounts to our line of products.


Liberty Entrepreneur Day – We will be adding a display at our office for several local entrepreneurs to showcase their work.


Member Appreciation Day – All members who drop in will be eligible to enter a '$100 in shares raffle' and the first member to correctly answer the ten part credit union trivia at the office will win a USD$100 Amazon Gift Card. 


Official Liberty ATM Launch – Our ATM service is on the way so you can get to your money when you need it most.


Credit Union Awareness – An informational session to spread awareness and knowledge to the general public regarding the importance of credit unions as a part of our economic landscape with a focus on how we can help the people of Anguilla achieve Financial Freedom.


Liberty Community Day – At Liberty we are committed to giving back to those who paved the way for us.

We will be visiting senior citizens in our communities to say a heart felt 'Thank You'.


Liberty-JAD Digital Wallet Launch – The world is going digital and so are we.

We cannot wait to add the Liberty-JAD Digital Wallet to the ever–growing list of products we offer to make your life even better!

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