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1000 Members!

Liberty is pleased to announce that we have reached the thousand-member mark. Our team’s hard work and dedication has allowed us to provide the community of Anguillian a stable financial alternative and we continue to grow at unprecedented rates. As the general public of Anguilla works to figure out new ways to save money and use it wisely, Liberty is providing just that, and more and more people are getting on board.

Liberty reaching the benchmark of a thousand members is not only important to growing our member base, but it also means that Liberty will now be transitioned from being an Associate member to a Full member at the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions with a voice, and more importantly a vote. Thus, representing Anguilla on a regional scale in an arena we had previously held no ground through voting rights.

Liberty continues to make waves not only in Anguilla but regionally as we continue to forge alliances with our sister credit unions and vendors of financial products and financial institutions around the region.

A thousand members was a significant benchmark but your Liberty will not stop there. As we continue to expand, Come Grow With Us!

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