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The LCCU Mentorship Program

Liberty CCU does not only aim to better the community by being a financial pillar but also by providing opportunities for the future of our land. We began our mentorship program last year and have thus far brought four interns on board. One of which recently transitioned to full time employment.

We understand that in this time it can be hard for students and young adults leaving school to find stable employment and thus are not afforded the head start in gaining experience that they will need to advance their careers. At Liberty we want to do everything possible to aid as many young adults possible.

Tyree Peters a former intern, now full-time employee, has this to say about the LCCU Mentorship program:

For many students, the period after graduating from 5th Form is filled with uncertainty and worry. Many, like me, decide that the next stage of their life will be sixth form or college, not only to obtain A levels but to delay the onslaught of real world realities (more specifically to avoid what us, generation Z, call ‘adulting’). This was the moment I realized that I needed to find a steady source of income. But how could I with such a busy schedule? Moreover, most job training programs are hosted during the summer, so where would I be given the opportunity to intern during my free time?
This is where Mrs. L. Vanessa Connor came in. Mrs. Connor is a person who has no limit to providing compassion and support to those who need it. A mother to many she expressed that she was in need of an extra hand to assist at the credit union and that is where the opportunity began.
Many job opportunities come and go, some of which are not always the best experience. Needless to say, this one was unexpected in that the staff at liberty welcomed me with open arms. I can confidently say that they are one of the sweetest groups of co-workers to work with. They are understanding, hardworking, compassionate and they always have each other’s back. I considered myself privileged to be apart of such a wonderful labor force.
Interning at Liberty gave me the opportunity to make money and have the flexibility to work during my free time. Not only was it a financially beneficial but it has become a period where I would grow as a person through interacting with many members and providing assistance to whoever needed it. My interning life came with some of the most amazing experiences and allowed me the knowledge of the financial sector that would surely aid me in my future endeavours.
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