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The LCCU Mentorship Program

Liberty CCU does not only aim to better the community by being a financial pillar in our society but also by giving back tangibly; providing opportunities for the future of our land. We began our mentorship program in 2019 and over the course of 24 months through to July 2021, we have thus far welcomed six interns on board. Four of which were transitioned into full time or part time employment. One intern has transitioned into the hospitality industry and one has gone on to pursue tertiary education.

We understand that in this time it can be hard for students and young adults leaving school to find stable employment and thus are not afforded the head start in gaining experience that they will need to advance their careers. At Liberty we want to do everything we can to aid as many young adults as possible. To this end, with the advent of the new school year, we have ramped up our program and have welcomed four new interns into our mentorship program.

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