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The Time for Creativity, Inspiration & Entrepreneurship: Part 2

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” —Peter Drucker

Adversity creates Opportunity! and in these challenging times, creativity has once again been awakened, imagination has revived, dreams and passions rekindled. Over the past 18 months, Liberty has had the distinct privilege of working with visionaries and experienced alike.

In the middle of the storm, an entrepreneurial spirit has been rebirthed. Being itself a product of visionaries, Liberty seeks to embody the principles of the credit union movement as we encourage our members (individuals and business alike) to stretch their imaginations and likewise empower them to pursue greatness.

In a time of prolonged uncertainty, members are embracing and stirring up dreams that have been long suppressed. The entrepreneurial drive that lay dormant for so long has been awakened. But what exactly is this entrepreneurial spirit? Entrepreneurial spirit is a mindset. It's an attitude and approach to thinking that actively seeks out change, rather than waiting to adapt to change. It's a mindset that embraces innovation and thinking outside the box.

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re right.” —Henry Ford

Our team is ready and willing to assist you in achieving your passion and taking charge of your future as you aim for financial independence. Need help with formulating your ideas, or assistance with your business plan? The Liberty Team is just a phone call away.

According to Stan Edom, here are the 5 Critical Stages you will go through as an Entrepreneur[i]:

1). Finding The Right Business Idea

2). Developing the business plan

3). Raising Your Seed Funding

4). Getting Paying Customers

5). Success or Maybe Failure

Rise up and pursue your dreams!

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