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Your Life is Mobile: LibertyJAD

Liberty has rolled out a lot of new features this year. LibertyJAD is the latest of these. This mobile payment method will revolutionise the way we buy and sell in Anguilla. With the shift in global payment methods becoming increasingly electronic Anguilla cannot be left behind and LibertyJAD is one solution to that.

LibertyJAD, the mobile app will allow individuals to purchase from their favourite businesses without the hassle or worries of physical tender or cards. Entrepreneurs will have access to affordable means by which to accept digital or online payments.

LibertyJAD is accessible to all Anguillans, but a Liberty membership adds convenience and flexibility to payments. The LibertyJAD app is helping to propel Anguilla into the future of commerce and we hope you will get on board for the ride.

You can learn more about the LibertyJAD app here.

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